Monitor Audio RSW12 Aktiivisubwoofer
Monitor Audio RSW12 AktiivisubwooferMonitor Audio RSW12 AktiivisubwooferMonitor Audio RSW12 Aktiivisubwoofer

Monitor Audio RSW12 Aktiivisubwoofer

Laadukas ja järeä subbari, loistavassa kunnossa
tarkka ja alasulottuva toisto
uutena maksanut 1350€
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395,00 €
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Not only can it dredge frighteningly deep and dramatic frequencies from the mix, especially from HD audio soundtracks, it also adds a holistic solidity to the sound, helping you to suspend your disbelief: a vital component in the enjoyment of surround sound A/V systems. The surprisingly compact RXW-12 active subwoofer is equipped by our engineers to turn your RX system (and others) truly seismic.

Using the latest switch mode power conversion techniques, the RXW-12’s new 500 watt Class D amplifier provides enough power to control with brutal efficiency a newly designed, 12” C-CAM driver, which is equipped with a double stack (two magnet) motor system and a massive 3” voice coil.

The RXW-12’s rigid, sealed 25mm (1”) MDF enclosure is front-loaded firstly because it promotes the fastest, deepest bass down to 20Hz and secondly for ease of installation. Wherever you place it, top mounted controls are provided for the fine adjustment of level, turnover and other parameters at the sub. For added convenience, a 12V trigger provides power syncing with your AV receiver.


Ultra long throw 12” C-CAM driver featuring triple suspension for ultimate linearity
Large 3” voice coil and double stack motor system provides high power handling and low distortion
Powerful 500W RMS Class-D amplifier with SMPSU able to deliver over 1000 watts peak
12volt trigger - provides switching control from AV amp or processor
25mm (1”) thick MDF construction
Heavy radial cabinet bracing
Top mounted control panel for easy access
real wood veneer finishes.


Lower Frequency Limit
27Hz (EQ1) 21Hz (EQ2)
Upper Frequency Limit
40 - 120Hz Variable
Power Handling (RMS)
500W RMS (1000W Peak)
Low Pass Filter Alignment
Active 4th order 24dB/Octave (2nd stage filter)
Cabinet Support
sealed cabinet
Drive Unit Complement
Driver Complement

1 x 12" C-CAM® sub woofer driver featured triple suspension and ling throw 3" voice coil
External Dimensions (H x W x D)
375mm (15") high with feet
430mm (16 15/16") deep
inc amp & grille
Mains Input Voltage
110 - 120 Vac / 220 - 240 Vac 50/60Hz
Weight (each)
22.56 Kg (49.63 lb)




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